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Estate Clean Out & Clean-up

Estate Clean-Out

Is your home or business cluttered with unwanted belongings, old furniture, or excess equipment?

Are you looking to free up much-needed space but don’t have the time or energy to tackle the task of eliminating those items that no longer serve a useful purpose?

Not to worry: Backe Real Estate Services is at your service. As an established estate clean-out company we have the equipment and manpower to clear out your property safely and efficiently.

For many, the job is simply too big, too intimidating, and too time-consuming to handle. The good news is that at Backe Real Estate Services, we can handle any project you throw our way!

Clean-outs can be a stressful, time-consuming task. Why waste those precious weekend hours when the team at Backe Real Estate Services is on hand to help? 

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Estate Clean-up

Backe Real Estate Services provides cleaning of the interior and exterior premises, as well as the removal of unnecessary junk and materials.

Property Clean-Up
We do a complete cleaning of your property. We solve the problem of environmental pollution and prevent you from being “punished.”

Backyard Cleanup
Our crew of professional workers who will effectively and very quickly make sure to clean and tidy up your backyard. Our crew comes fully equipped with everything necessary to clean your backyard completely. A backyard is a place that can have a variety of junk so we have experienced people who know how to access this business.

Construction Site Clean-Up
When you need all the debris to be removed, here we are. Backe Real Estate Services
will remove and transport material waste like wood, concrete, brick, rocks, dirt, and other debris.

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