Home Inspection Repairs

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Home Inspection Repairs

In Illinois, home inspections have become routine when buying or selling a home. After the home inspector has completed the inspection report and notes the deficiencies with the home, each party will need an accurate cost estimate for whatever repairs are necessary.

Who better to provide that repair estimate than
Backe Real Estate Services and their network of specialized subcontractors?

At Backe Real Estate Services, not only will we provide you with a detailed repair estimate, but we are also equipped to expeditiously make the repairs.

Home Inspection Repairs

Fund Your Project As Soon As Tomorrow! $1,000 - $100,000
60 second pre-qualification-Does not affect credit score

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At Backe Real Estate Services we help realtors assist buyers and sellers of residential real estate resolve "punch list" items post professional inspections.

With Backe Real Estate Services there is no need for you to identify contractors, make multiple calls, schedule numerous appointments and price shop services.

Backe Real Estate Services will step in to help make sure every buying or selling experience is less stressful. 


You have done everything to get your home sold.

  * You hired a good real    estate agent
You priced the property    properly so the buyer          can 
recognize the value

Now there is only one thing between you and the successful sale of your home:

 The inspection report  and the corresponding  request for repairs.

With Backe Real Estate Services you'll give yourself and your buyer the confidence of using a qualified and licensed contractor to get the necessary repairs completed.


You are paying a lot of money for a home. You need to know that the repairs you have requested are being performed by competent and reliable people.

What are some of the most common repairs?
   - Electrical
   - Plumbing
   - Foundation
   - Windows and Doors
   - Roof
   - Mold
   - Pest Control

Ask for your new home's deficiencies to be repaired by a licensed contractor.

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